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Foody Indonesia is an emerging website and application based food directory service, which operationally started on May 4th 2015. The corporate (Foody Corp.) was initially established in Vietnam on 2012 and hence being our headquarter. After running for 5 years, Foody Vietnam has been the leading one-stop, integrated food directory and services with around 39 million users across the country, more than 15 million monthly page views, and 7 million monthly session which simply make it as the most trusted and used food directory in Vietnam. It does not merely stop on food things, yet also expanded to other lifestyle services such as entertainment and beauty.
Acknowledging the potential market and lifestyle behavior of urban Indonesian, Foody Corp. decided to extent the business in Indonesia, with Jakarta as the first chosen city. Despite of existing services in Indonesia which soon came up as our competitors, Foody Corp. sees the big number of technology-savvy urban Indonesian with high demand and desires of holistic daily-life services, particularly about culinary ease and experience. This potency is not solely shown by the capital city, yet also performed by other metropolis cities such as Bandung, Surabaya, Yogyakarta and Bali as our prominent getaway destination. 
Therefore, Foody Indonesia aims to provide the completer service to bring your culinary experience forward. We bring everything closer to you; it’s not only the database and reviews, but also daily-updated culinary information and articles, easy and continuous reward system (vouchers), videos of hype and newly opened places, and helpful two-way communication for any queries by our social media platforms. In short, Foody Indonesia is definitely a best friend for every food-craver. Currently, Foody Indonesia has 500.000 active users, more than 52.000 places, and more than 15.000 reviews.
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