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JIA Contemporary Chinese Dining - Shangri-La Hotel

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Menikmati Hidangan Khas Cina yang Lezat dengan Sentuhan Modern di JIA Contemporary Chinese Dining

Berbicara soal masakan khas Cina memang tidak ada habisnya, seperti di JIA Contemporary Dining yang satu ini. Penasaran seperti apa keseruannya? Intip bersama yuk artikelnya!

  • oppa kuliner
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    Best !
    [Follow my instagram @oppakuliner] [Visit my blog www.] Mencoba salah satu restaurant chinese food yang ada di Shangrila Hotel, ambiencenya sangat berasa chinese restaurant dengan ornamen chinese yang minimalis dan elegant khas restaurant di hotel. Disambut dengan ramah oleh tim Jia Dining dan mencoba cukup banyak makanan disini. Berikut beberapa highlight: 1. Ipoh Special Two Salted Fish Fried Rice Salah satu nasi goreng favorit yang Oppa coba disini, rasa saltednya pas dan menyebar secara rata di dalam setiap sendok nasi.  Love this a lot 2. Stir Fried Udon Noodle with Seafood dan XO Sauce Tekstur udonnya yang tidak terlalu keras dan kenyal membuat udon ini menjadi salah satu highlight Oppa. Topping seafood di dalamnya sangat banyak dan totally fresh seafood. Dimsum mereka juga the best dan hampir suka semua menu dimsum yang mereka provide saat itu. Bener-bener pengalaman yang tidak terlupakan dan akan balik lagi untuk cobain menu mereka yang lain. ...Lihat lainnya
  • 8.6
    JIA Contemporary Chinese Dining - Shangri-La Hotel
    kunjungan gw kdua disini dengan keluarga. Kita datang hari sabtu siang dan tempatnya ga terlalu ramai cuma terisi beberapa meja. Gw baru tau ternyata disini ada small ballroom, dan kemarin ini ballroomnya lagi terpakai untuk acara, cukup besar juga, bisa menampunh sampe 150 orang. Selain itu juga ada private room yang cukup besar juga. Untuk service sih disini top banget ya, karyawannya semua profesional dan cepat tanggap. Gw pesen beberapa menu yaitu : - pecking duck: memang the best sih pecking duck disini, ga ada yang ngalahin. Kulitnya garing, dagingnya empuk. Pasa saat akan di roasted dia ga dibalur dengan minyak, jadi bener2 pure roasted, berbeda dengan resto lainnya yang dibalur dengan minyak dulu sebelum di roasted. Mesin pemanggangnya juga langsung dibawa dari beijing. - untuk second way dari ducknya kita minta dimasak blackpepper, enak banget ternyata..   - mie goreng: enak mie gorengnya, porsinya besar, agak berminyak tapi malah enak.   - crispy fried beef in honey sauce: ini enak banget kaya dendeng sapi tapi lebih tipis, lebih renyah dan lebih garing.   - tahu gulung kukus siram saus tiram: enak bangett, gurihnya pas dan fresh.   - seafood dumpling topped with egg white: enak banget ini isinya seafood dibungkus dengan kulit pangsit atasnya ada putih telurnya. Mantep deh   - pork ribs with garlic: enakk gurih, potongannya kecil2.   - pork siew mai: enak banget fresh dan gurihnya pas   - xiao long bao dengan daging babi: enak juga, penyajiannya cantik   - deep fried wonton with crab paste and mayo: enak banget garing kulitnya, isinya juga fresh dan gurih.   - bbq pork with honey: enak banget, walaupun porsinya kecil tapi enakk.   - nasi goreng: ini salah satu nasi goreng the best disini katanya, enak sih ga terlalu gurih banget tapi tastenya enak.  - sapo tahu: ini juga enak banget   overall disini ok banget deh, rasanya enak banget semua, bener2 chinese food yang recommended! Puas banget makan disini. ...Lihat lainnya
  • 10
    JIA Contemporary Chinese Dining - Shangri-La Hotel
    Hi Foodee. Give a warm welcome to Jia, the newest addition for the fascinating eateries at Shangri-La Hotel Jakarta. After months of preparations, Jia finally opened its door for customers at the 28th of December 2016. Substituting for the now-closed Shang Palace and serving contemporary Chinese cuisines, Jia certainly packed some big guns to compete with other big names in this category. I instantly fell in love upon entering the premises. The interior didn't go all the way to depict a traditional Chinese restaurant but instead it opted to take a more modern touch. A range of cobalt color combined with black, gold, and wood was like a mix between traditional and modern altogether, leaving a sheek yet contemporary impression for the guests to feel. The seating area on the front of the restaurant serves as a lounge with comfortable couches and sofas. The vibe was excellent so it felt so warm and homey inside the venue, making it the perfect place for any occasions. Jia, in Chinese, means 'first'. What is the intake and the purpose of giving it the name it bears now? Well, honestly I don't know. But I have to assume it shows ambition that Jia has to be the first of its kind in serving Chinese contemporary cuisines. Couldn't resist the temptation to take more and more photos of this beautiful eatery. I have to salute Shangri-La for a wonderful effort to make Jia to such an eye candy! But the feast for the eyes won't matter if it's not a feast for the tummy too. So let's start talking about the food! Signature Peking Duck - IDR 398K (Whole), IDR 218K (Half) Of course the signature dish is a must try. The Signature Peking Duck is served Beijing-style. The chef will come to your table, and then skillfully sliced and cut the duck and served it, right in front of you. I could hear the sound of the knife slicing through the crispy duck skin, making me more eager just to give it a bite. To eat the duck, just take some of those crispy skin, some cucumber, and if you like then add some scallion, wrapped them all in a steamed pancake provided then dipped it the sauce. Eat them all together. Super yumm! Opt to wrapped the crispy skin only without the meat, and feel the sensation of that crackling sound in your mouth. As for the duck, there is another way to eat it. Of course the way the duck was cooked also was different. This one was minced duck and the way to eat it is to wrap it with lettuce. I think this one was also good in terms of flavor, but yet the prior one was still the best way to eat any Peking duck in my opinion. Crispy Fried Beef in Honey Sauce - IDR 58K Thin slices of beef, crispy-fried served with honey sauce. As we kick off the meal, this one was the first thing I tried. Pretty simple in presentation but yet I always tell you, don't let appearance fooled you. A major bomb as every crispy bite of the beef was just wonderful and the honey sauce really elevated the entire dish. Delicious! Crispy Salmon Skin with Spicy Salt - IDR 48K Salmon skin! Yeay! I was overjoyed seeing this served on the table. All time favorite. I never missed to order this dish if I happen to eat in a well-known sushi restaurant. But yet, in that sushi restaurant you can't literally called the dish 'salmon skin' since it still has some meat attached, LOL. Ok, stop comparing since this is on another kind of level. Again, with the crispy texture like the beef, this dish was soooo addicting. Seriously, it's just simple salmon skin with some salt and fried garlic, but yet I can't seemed to stop taking piece after piece..I just want more and more. That day, as I went to Jia with my foodie group, we did try a lot of Jia's Dim Sum menus. There were some categories that we tried, such as the steamed ones, the fried ones, and the premium ones. So in order not to be confusing, I will break down by categories, starting with the steamed ones. STEAMED DIM SUM Steamed Pork Siew Mai topped with Tobiko - IDR 38K This one was so good. Apparently as my friend said that day: all the dim sums that contained shrimp at Jia was just awesome. This Siew Mai in particular, was no different. The shrimp was so so juicy. Even after it was left cold because of the amount of time we took during photoshoot, it's still delicious! Steamed Barbecued Pork Buns - IDR 36K Usually, this is my least favorite dimsum. Never like to eat buns in a dim sum feast but this one was surely too bad too be missed. The taste was so good. The buns were sweet and the pork fillings were delicious and as the way I like it in any Chinese dishes had a garlicky flavor. Boiled Pork and Vegetable Dumplings in Sichuan Style - IDR 32K The dumplings were nice, with nice soft dumpling skin and the thickness of the skin was so right, not too thick yet not too thin, keeping those flavorful pork inside very nicely. The sauce was good, balanced and not too spicy. Steamed Soup Pork Dumpling - IDR 32K The Xiao Long Bao had a nice flavorful soup, though I think I didn't have the maximum flavor coming out of the Xiao Long Bao being it is already cold. But the pork was good and the seasoning was just spot on. Steamed Chicken Feet with Soy Chili Sauce - IDR 28K My most favorite dim sum. I really loved this kind of dim sum, and this one was no disappointment. It was cold already, yes, but still it tasted so good. Not many places can really make this kind of dim sum tasted good, and Jia certainly has done a great job indeed. Steamed Pork Ribs with Crispy Garlic - IDR 35K I loved how this was served boneless. The texture was so good, juicy, tender, and moist. Surely loved the garlicky flavor. This kind of pork couldn't go wrong. Steamed Barbecue Pork Rice Roll - IDR 34K I didn't get to taste this one. But my blogger friend said it was good. Perhaps I should try it on my next visit. Steamed Custard Buns with Salted Egg Yolk - IDR 32K Uber cute buns with salted egg yolk filling. Me and my friends agreed on one thing that day: this was soooo delicious. Salted egg buns recently became such a trend and luckily we found a very good one here at Jia. It's so scrumptious, and the egg yolk filling was so delicious! Better enjoy it while it still hot to get maximum indulgence. PAN-FRIED / DEEP-FRIED / BAKED DIM SUM Deep-fried Wontons with Crab Paste and Mayonnaise - IDR 38K Going next to the fried ones, well we didn't have much ordered that day. But some of the choices we've made were so good I didn't regret. This one particular was nice, with abundant crab fillings. Deep-fried Minced Chicken and Seafood Puffs in Curry-Coconut Sauce - IDR 30K This one had us laughing since the hotel PR mentioned its shape as to look like Chicken Little, you know that animated movie.. Indeed it looked similar, LOL. Anyway, it's a combination between land and sea, chicken and seafood being put altogether with curry. As expected, curry brought such a rich flavor to both of these proteins without being so dominant. So you still get that trace of chicken and seafood being so elevated by the richness of the curry. PREMIUM DIM SUM Steamed Pork Siew Mai Topped with Abalone - IDR 298K As an eatery in a 5-star establishment, Jia took the next step in serving Premium Dim Sum, bringing premium ingredients to be served on your basket or plate of dim sum. This one here is the pork siew mai with one of the premium ingredient, the abalone. No doubt beside its great presentation, flavorwise it's a feast in my mouth. It's a bit pricey, but nevertheless nothing premium comes cheap, right? Crispy Roasted Pork - IDR 98K This dish is that one that you shouldn't miss in a Chinese restaurant. Crispy pork is lyfe! I certainly loved how Jia prep this one. Although simple in presentation, but this dish was DA BOMB. Super loving that crispy crackling skin, and that OMG so juicy meat. Literally it just melted in my mouth. The great thing was that it's also served less fat, thus not oily at all. Baked Scallops stuffed with Shrimp Paste & Home Made Bean Curd in Barbecue Sauce - IDR 168K Surely loved how beautiful this dish was. I mean, look at how it is vibrant and colorful. The bean curd was cooked nicely, though I hope it could be more salty (just my preference) but the scallop was amazing. Its texture was nice, spongy and chewy, and the shrimp paste was AH-MAH-ZING. Lan Zhou La Mian Noodle Soup with Beef Shank - IDR 68K La Mian Noodle Soup with Xiao Long Bao - IDR 65K There were 2 kinds of La Mian served that day, but unfortunately I didn't get the chance to try them all. But as you can see through the photos, they have an appetizing look, right? If you get the chance to try them at Jia, please let me know how they tasted. Deep Fried Swan with Almond Sauce - IDR 32K Crispy Chinese Red Bean Pancake - IDR 32K For desserts, we ordered these two. The first one, the Deep Fried Swan, was certainly beautiful. I have seen this dish before on another foodie's blog and was pretty curious of how it tasted. While the Red Bean Pancake was ordered by my friend who is certainly a big fan of this dessert since the era of Shang Palace. My honest opinion, although the Deep Fried Swan might look beautiful, but flavorwise I would go for the Red Bean Pancake. The custard inside the swan was okay, but clearly the red bean paste inside the pancake came out more as a winner. Besides all the delicious dishes I had above, I was happy that Jia brought Chinese tea to a whole new level. Their selections of cold brew bottled Chinese teas are a must order, especially the signature Oolong. Overall I had a very very nice brunch at Jia. The wonderful interior design, the awesome dishes, and the impeccable service are just things that would want to make me come back to Jia again, and again, and again. Now that it's nearly Chinese new year, I couldn't think of any other place suitable enough to celebrate it with the finest Chinese dishes in town. Jia is the perfect spot! So, take me back to Jia again, please.. Keep on chewing! Jazzy Dee ...Lihat lainnya
  • Jessica Sisy
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    A perfect place for dimsum
    On CNY, I went to Jia Dining resto, located inside Shangri-la Hotel. From the lobby, you could see a duck statue holding dim sum, written 'Jia' on the dim sum's bamboo bowl. From that statue, just go to the elevator to the basement, turn left (the right side is Satoo restaurant), and here comes Jia. Introducing JIA, the new signature Chinese restaurant in Shangri-la, formerly known as Shang Palace. In Chinese, JIA (Jiǎ) means first, strong bonding, family and home, a place to share great dining moments with friends and family. At that moment, I realize that this is a right place for me and my family to dine in for Chinese New Year :) First step in and you will be awe with their lounge. The lounge interior was very elegant, a contemporary Chinese-inspired interior, but with modern touch. You can wait in the lounge while waiting your name called on their waiting list. The lounge For me, I love the interior and can't help to stop my self from taking photos along the aisle =p Sorry for spamming the photos, but you can see how beautiful the interior is. Beautiful, classic, and elegant. There are many private rooms (spacious enough for 15 to 20 people). Looking inside the resto was just too elegant and classic! You would say 'Wow!' and stand in awe. The guests could see the cooking process from a love open-oven station at the right side of the resto. The ingredient used must be fresh and for the premium dish, they serve the best ingredient, such as Abalone. JIA serves tasty dim sums, luscious roasted menu and well-loved celebrated Chinese dishes. Their Executive Chinese Chef aims to serve the best of Chinese cuisine through his delicious dishes which are taken from traditional recipes with modern twist. Their signature dish is Peking-Style Roasted Duck and la mian noodles served in big bowls, as well as their fresh home-made dim sum. We order the dim sum (Chinese New Year must eat buns!It's my family tradition). Here we go for the dim sum, main course, and dessert. DIM SUM Steamed Pork Siew Mai 32k The siew mai tasted good. The pork meat was tender and chewy. The shrimp was quiet fresh and tender (garing). Not oily, clean, and tempting. One of the compulsory dim sum menus you had to order. Steamed Shrimp Dumplings (Hakau) 38k The dumpling's skin was soft and the shrimp was tender. I like the taste, well-cooked with the seasonings. One of the compulsory dim sum menus you had to order. Steamed BBQ Pork Buns 36k Tasted like any other pork buns. Sweet, savoury, BBQ aroma, and soft. I like the buns better than the pork sincethe meat was not well-seasoned. Steamed Soup Pork Dumpling (Xiao Long Bao) 32k I love the presentation! So unique. The xiao long bao was steamed on a small wooden crock. A slice of carrot was placed on the bottom of the dumplings. For the taste, it was good, but it's better to add ginger. The skin of dumpling was too thick. Steamed Custard Buns with Salted Egg Yolk 32k This is my favorite dish. Cute and delicioussss. Squeezee it and the salted egg custard will come out from the 'mouth'. The salted egg custard was so tasty! The bun was soft and fluffly. I suggest you to order it more than one. One is never enough! Deep Fried Spring Rolls with Assorted Mushrooms (30k) The spring rolls were crispy and good. One thing that I like : they were not oily. The mushrooms was tender and well-seasoned. MAIN COURSE Signature Peking Duck (Whole: 398k / Half 218k) Meet the Peking Duck, the signature dish of Jia. The cooker directly brought the duck in front of our table and started to slice the duck. The skin was very crispy (you can hear 'crack' sound when he sliced it) and the meat was so tender. No bloody-like aroma like any other ducks in other restaurants. The aroma was good, hoisin sauce combined with the roasted-burnt aroma from the meat. The Executive Chef told us that the duck was roasted in a special oven for 45 minutes (slow-cooking) to bring out the aroma and taste. So delicious! Wok Fried Vermicelli with Shrimp and BBQ Pork "Singapore style" 75k It is called "Singapore Fried bee Hoon" or "Xia Men Mee Fun" in other chinese restaurants. The taste was like fried vermicelli with the curry leaf aroma. The taste was good and the portion was big. Could be eaten for 4-5 persons for 1 portion. Quiet big enough, eh? La Mian Noodle Soup with Shredded Pork and Sichuan Preserved Vegetables 58k So disappointed! The la mian was good, chewy, soft, and the texture was perfect. The pork was cooked well with the soy sauce and hoison sauce. However, the soup was very very salty! Trust me! I don't know the soup was like this at the original or the chef was to busy (the resto was so crowded, though) and he put the salt twice. Better to improve the quality of the soup. Braised Homemade Bean Curd with Brown Fungus and Ginko Nuts 98k I love the tofu! So soft, but firm (not like any other tofu which was easy to be smashed into pieces). The mushrooms was well-cooked with the seasonings and the ginko nuts was tender. No meat at all, but tasted good! DESSERT Deep Fried Swan with Almond Sauce 32k Too cute to be eaten ♥♥ I was eager to order this one since I saw it from the Instagram photos. The swan sweet dumplings were 3 pieces in a small plate. Surprisingly, the taste was not sweet, better to improve the taste to be sweeter. Indeed, the outer part was crispy enough. Inside was almond custard. What I like was the custard was not sweet. The sweetness was just fine and not too sweet. Although many people showed disappointment with them, I love these swan tarts so much and so do my family. Mini Egg Tarts 32k My mom's favorite dessert. She loves egg tarts and so does she when she bite this one. The tart was crispy and the inside was so soft like pudding. Chinese egg tart is always simple and tasty. Not too sweet and I love it. Overall, Jia serves the best peking duck and dim sum in Jakarta. Good news: Jia also serves vegetarian dishes as well! Besides, the place was very elegant, beautiful, luxurious, and spacious. The private rooms are available for private event and closed celebration. Better to reserve the table 2-3 days ahead since it's full booked on weekends. The dim sum was good, although it was quiet overpriced as compared to other chinese restaurants at mall. However, the price was affordable as compared to any other hotels' restaurants. Both me and my family love this place and will dine in Jia again. Happy Eating Foodies ♥ ...Lihat lainnya
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Wisma 46 Kota BNI
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  • In Chinese, "Jia" means “first”. Much to the delight of diners, Jia serves a line-up of delectable dim sum, sumptuous roasted fare and much-loved Chinese dishes.

  • The restaurant blends classic Chinese cuisine with stylish presentation, giving each dish a little twist, yet preserving its original recipe.

  • Leading the culinary team at Jia is Executive Chinese Chef Christopher Chai.

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